New Camera, Who This?

Decided to try something new here. For the first time in the past decade, I bought a camera. Yes, a real camera that's not attached to a phone. Crazy, right? Ever since I got an iPhone like seven years ago, I stopped using a regular camera. My old point and shoot has been sitting in my junk drawer since 2011. 

Not only that, but my video camera that I used for filming skate clips, vacations and hanging out with my friends in middle school has been collecting dust for as long as I can remember. 

Basically, I've always loved filming and taking photos but it's gotten away from me for the past few years.

So here's the thing.

A photo of my fancy new Canon G7X taken on an iPhone 7

A photo of my fancy new Canon G7X taken on an iPhone 7

I've been watching a ton of vlogs lately. It's actually to the point where I consume more YouTube vlogs than actual television programming. I'd like to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for that. To my surprise, vloggers are inspiring and I learn something almost every day.

After a couple months of watching, I decided to start doing. So I did some research and bought a Cannon G7X with a gorillapod to get my YouTube channel going.

It feels like I'm back in the dark ages.

The idea of filming off my iPhone 7 was tossed around quite a bit so I could hit the ground running. I ultimately decided it was best to invest in myself and instead buy a starter camera to really learn how to get the right angles, maximize quality and save space on my iPhone.

I'm mostly doing this for myself as a bit of a social experiment and really looking forward to it. There's not much to show right now but definitely excited for the journey. More to come.